Meet Nancy Scaglione-Peck

Nancy has been employed as a naturalist on the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch boats since 1996. Her commitment to working with animals and educating the public about them started at an early age. Nancy volunteered hundreds of hours to the New England Aquarium and was part of the team that successfully rescued, rehabilitated and released three pilot whales that stranded on Cape Cod in 1986. Nancy has a degree in biology from Palm Beach Atlantic College and worked for Sea World training bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions. At Mystic Marinelife Aquarium in Conn. she cared for and trained Steller Sea Lions and Beluga whales while educating people of all ages.

After marrying and relocating to Cape Cod, Nancy joined the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies aboard the Dolphin Fleet to continue her work with marine mammals as a scientist and educator. During this time she earned a Masters degree in education and has been a high school science teacher on Cape Cod since 1998. Nancy also owns and operates a local bed and breakfast with her husband. Although Nancy admits to missing the one on one contact with the animals that she had experienced in the past, working on the whale watch boats has been most rewarding. “Being on the ocean and experiencing the whales in their natural environment is a thrill! Collecting data that contributes to our understanding of them, their habitat, and our impact on them, and then sharing that knowledge with the public and our government, ultimately leads to a better means of protecting them and the world we share.


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