Meet Elizabeth Bradfield

Elizabeth Bradfield has been working as a naturalist and marine educator for over ten years, many of them spent on the waters of Cape Cod Bay.  She first encountered humpback whales in Southeast Alaska, where she worked as a deckhand on ship that ran week-long natural history tours, an experience that inspired her to become a naturalist.  Her naturalist work has taken her to Baja California Sur, Mexico; the Eastern Canadian Arctic; Southeast Alaska; and beyond, but she keeps returning to Cape Cod's amazingly rich waters.  In addition to her time with the Dolphin Fleet, she volunteers for the Cape Cod Stranding Network and for the seal research program at the Center for Coastal Studies.

A writer as well as a naturalist, she is the author of two books of poems:  Approaching Ice (Persea, 2010) and Interpretive Work (Arktoi, 2008).  She also runs the grassroots-distributed and guerilla-art-inspired Broadsided Press (, which publishes monthly literary/visual collaborations.



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