We started whale watching on the east coast because we CARE (Conservation Awareness Research and Education.)

  • Because we CARE about Conservation, we are working with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, the Cetacean Society International and other conservation groups to help protect the marine environment.
  • Because we CARE about Awareness, our President, Steve Milliken, is the whale watch representative of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary’s Advisory Council and, as part of the Whale Watch Advisory Group, helped to develop the Northeast Regional Whale Watching Guidelines.
  • Because we CARE about research, our naturalists are working under the direction of Dr. Carole Carlson collecting important sightings data. Dr. Carole Carlson has been the organizer and rapporteur of the International Whale Watch Subcommittee of the IWC for the last 10 years promoting whale watching as an alternative to commercial whaling.
  • And most importantly, because we CARE about our passengers, we ensure you that our educational standards are surpassed by none. We have some of the most experienced naturalists on the water and want to make sure you enjoy your trip and learn to CARE like we do.



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