Meet the Docents

This year the Dolphin Fleet, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) and the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History (CCMNH) sponsored a training program for docents (volunteers). The docents will assist Dolphin Fleet Naturals in data collection and plankton sampling as well as interact with passengers to answer questions about whales and the marine environment.


Ray Buchan

Ray BuchanI was born and grew up in Aberdeen Scotland and graduated in physics at Edinburgh. Industrial R & D in optics and photography occupied most of my professional life both in the UK and after moving here in 1966. There was a bit of teaching too, and I'm principal inventor on about 25 US patents. My three children all born in the UK now all have kids of their own.





Jane Cheek


I am a retired teacher. I volunteered for the Land Trust, Historical Society and the Girl Scouts in Connecticut. I have an active interest in bird watching, plant and whale identification , as well as local history and geology. Talking with other people to find out their interests and sharing mine makes me happy.






Ken Cheek

I am a retired social worker and moved to the Cape June 2005. I volunteer at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in the Bee Education program, we have 4 hives, and the new Rachael Carson Exhibit. Helping on the Whale Watch program is an exciting opportunity and I hope to learn a lot doing it.






Jerry Hertweck, PhD

Retired. Member of Computers for Seniors on Cape Cod. Collects duck decoys. Enjoys traveling and shell-fishing.






Nancy Kelley

Retired. Volunteer at Cape Wild Life, MSPCA and Cape Cod Stranding Network. Also enjoys traveling, gardening and kayaking.





Ellen Kelly

Ellen is a graduate of Tufts University and has studied whales for 30 years- including two trips to Baja California to see grey whales. She was a docent at the Cleveland Zoo and Cleveland Aquarium for 11 years working as a tour guide and doing small animal programs. Presently, Ellen is a docent at the cape Cod Museum of natural History, assigned to the aquarium. This is her 6th year as a docent for whale watch education.

Valerie Magor

After earning a BS from Cornell University and an MA from the University in Rochester, I spent 30 years teaching high school science in upstate New York.  After seeing my first whale- a finback off Race Point in 1988- I was hooked, and during my last 10 years of teaching,  I brought students to Cape Cod each spring for a whalewatch and coastal ecology experience.  I participated in an Earthwatch program during four summers, studying the resident Orca pods in Puget Sound.  After retirement, I moved to Orleans, and have been able to continue indulging my Cetacean fascination.  I worked as a Naturalist's Assistant for the Center for Coastal Studies on the Dolphin Fleet for two years, and as docent for the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History on another whale watching vessel for three years.  I have been a volunteer with the Cape Cod Stranding Network for five years, and have been monitoring water quality in Namskaket Creek as part of the PCCS Baywatch program the past two summers.



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