Welcome to the Dolphin Fleet! We are the originators of whale watching on the east coast and the largest, most successful and experienced fleet in the country.

Guarantee: In the unlikely event of
NO WHALE sightings, all paying passengers
will receive a FREE ticket for a future trip!

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About our Vessels

Dolphin Fleet Vessels: Each Dolphin Fleet vessel is specifically designed for whale watching and comfort. Designed by GulfCraft, each vessel is built of aluminum with a double chine for added stability, and is powered by 3 Detroit 1271TI diesel engines. There is a sundeck on the second level and a walk out platform for viewing on the bow. There are no open rails on the boat, so you’re in the boat, not on it, with ample seating on both upper and lower decks. The interior cabin has seating for over 100 passengers and the cabin is centrally heated and air-cooled. We limit the number of passengers we carry in an earnest attempt to make each trip satisfying and comfortable. Our vessels are clean and our restrooms are spotless.

Our galley: We serve a complete breakfast menu with eggs, bagels and a number of breakfast specials. The luncheon menu serves items such as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chowder and chili just to name a few items. Beer, wine and cocktails are also available. Need film or a camera? We carry that too. The galley is not overpriced and compares favorably with local vendors. We are happy to plan meals for tour groups as well so please don't hesitate to ask.

What to bring: You”ll be out on the open ocean so you should bring sun block, sunglasses, and perhaps some warmer cloths. Wear sneakers or shoes with good traction. We suggest a camera and binoculars for that close up of whales, birds and Provincetown scenery.

Scientific Research

A naturalist accompanies every cruise to serving as an interpretive guide to the ecology and natural history of Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bays with emphasis on whales, other marine life and marine birds passengers are likely to see.

With the research collected on board the Dolphin Fleet well over 1,300 humpback whales have been identified since 1975, with this data we can provide our passengers with the personal histories on many of the humpbacks found in our area.

The opportunistic research collected on board each Dolphin Fleet cruise includes identification of different marine mammal species, including: humpback, finback, right and minke whales; individual whale behavior and identification, as well as associated environmental and oceanographic data.

This information is shared with other research institutions, as well as conservation groups and resource managers. By whale watching with the Dolphin Fleet, you will effectively be taking part in a scientific expedition as well as helping to support vital research on endangered whales.


But don't take our word for it
"The Dolphin Fleet was the originator of east coast whale watching and, to many people, their operation is the standard by which all others should be judged. "
Cetacean Society International
New England Whale Watching Guide

"(Captain) Avellar is the patron saint of whalewatching....(he’s) the first in his field and by far the most knowledgeable."
Peter Dykstra, Greenpeace New England
Boston Globe

"People come from all over to sail on the Dolphin."
Tom Looker, “All Things Considered”
National Public Radio

"The Dolphin's rate of successful whale sightings is so high that if you'd like to observe the mammals in their native habitat, a reservation on the Dolphin is almost an unconditional guarantee."
Celia Herron
Air New England Magazine (Flying Your Way)

“Best Whalewatch: Flukes down, The Dolphin Fleet.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“The best boats for whalewatching are the Dolphin III and IV run by the Avellar family.”
Susan Simon
Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide